Göteborgs Konserthus Sing the praises of the organ, Vox Luna!

Event has already taken place. Familys - celebrate the first anniversary of the magnificent concert hall organ together with the choir Vox Luna from Lidköping and a children's choir! At the programme you find loved songs by Georg Riedel and sing-along.

Concert length: 45 min Scene: Stora salen
50 SEK

Event has already taken place

The Queen of the Concert Hall, the magnificent organ, turns one year old! The one-year anniversary is celebrated during a full day of song and organ marathon. Come and hear West Swedish choirs and our top organists fill the hall with sounds in five unique concerts sunday 23 October.

Vox Luna is a choir that started after the pandemic and is led by Miriam Gindemo, choir teacher in Lidköping’s parish. Children’s choirs led by Miriam Gindemo, Ewa Svensson, Kristin Lidholm and Annette Jacobsson also participate from Lidköping’s contract. At the programme you find songs from Georg Riedel’s song collection and Vi äro musikanter, Här kommer Pippi Långstrump, the Pilutta-visan and Du kära lille snickerbo in sing-along format!

Also take the opportunity to enjoy the beautiful Götaplats foyer before or after the concert and feast on star pastry chef Fredrik Borgskog’s unique pipe pastry, specially made for the organ’s first anniversary.

Orgelns spelbord står på podiet. Ett rött ljus fyller scenen.

The new concert hall organ with its 9 000 pipes is behind the stage and the vibrations from the bass pipes extend under the floor all the way to the middle parquet.


Get to know music at the programme.


Hallberg Sing-along - from Pilutta-visan

Riedel Sing-along - from Du käre lille snickerbo

Riedel Den fina lätta fjärilen

Riedel Fri som en fågel

Riedel Jag vet en stjärna

Vasks The Fruit of Silence

Hermodsson Visa till Fårö

Buckland When I need a Friend

Johansson Sing-along - from Här kommer Pippi Långstrump

Anonymus Sing-along - VI ÄRO MUSIKANTER


Vox Luna choir

Barnkör från Lidköpings pastorat

Miriam Gindemo körledare

Ewa Svensson körledare

Kristin Lindholm körledare

Anette Jakobsson körledare

Stephen Craig orgel

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