Sunday 23 October 2022 The organ turns 1!

Welcome to celebrate the mighty organ's sparkling one-year anniversary in Gothenburg Concert Hall! In five unique concerts, choral sounds intertwine with the sound of over 9000 organ pipes, an experience you don't want to be without. Also take the opportunity to feast on the unique pipe pastery, build an organ and take part in the singing workshop!

The Queen of the Concert Hall, the magnificent organ, turns one year old! Come and hear West Swedish choirs and our top organists fill the hall with sounds in five unique concerts sunday 23 October. Beautiful music, populare favourites and sing-alongs are offered – choose your favourite concerts or celebrate with us the whole day!

Also take the opportunity to feast on star pastry chef Fredrik Borgskog’s unique pipe pastry available for sale, specially created for the organ’s first anniversary, and take part in a singing workshop in the beautiful Götaplats foyer. For curious people of all ages, there is also the opportunity to take part in an organ building workshop in the wardroab hall at any time between 11.30-18.00:

The queen of instruments

The organ is called “the queen of instruments” and for a good reason: no other acoustic instrument is so varied in sound and dynamics, from the weakest, solitary tone to massive chords that make it vibrate in floors and walls. It will for sure do so in the Great Hall in Gothenburg Concert Hall when the sound from the over 9000 organ pipes fills the room.

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Step inside the organ

många guldfärgade orgelpipor

Experience the queen of instruments

When the sound from the over 9000 organ pipes fills the room, it vibrates in the floor and walls!

The organ in the Concert Hall
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