Cookbook A taste of the Gothenburg Concert Hall

Visiting Gothenburg Concert Hall is always a holistic experience. Spend time with their friends, experience great music and a tempting piece of food in the restaurant. We want to share this in the cookbook A taste of Gothenburg Concert Hall!

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Visiting the Gothenburg Concert Hall is always a manifold experience. Spending time with your best friends, experience great classical music with the Gothenburg Symphony Orchestra, and a tempting meal with nice beverages in the restaurant. We want to share this with you in this book!

In the beautiful book written both in swedish and english, the Concert Hall’s unique environment and the restaurant’s best dishes are gathered, a delight for both the design eye and the home chef. We can not recreate the music in print, but scroll down and you will find a playlist loaded with classics for an even better moment in the kitchen. We wish you many pleasant experiences!

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Company in the kitchen

Let the playlist’s tasty pieces of music accompany you by the stove or around the dinner table.

A sandwich can be made in a couple of minutes or prepared to perfection in peace and quiet. In the former case, it can happen to Grieg’s exciting Bergakungen’s hall – but it is important to have time before the increased crescendo! For neat dishes, perhaps Mozart’s most sheer music: the slow movement from the twentyfirst piano concerto, “Elvira Madigan” or the notes of Verdi’s gentle prelude from La Traviata. Choose the main course according to mood, as well as the appropriate music: Carl Nielsen’s Second Symphony “The Four Temperaments” which expresses anger, laziness, melancholy and cheerfulness. Just choose the set!

Let music and food meet in your favorite combination!

An appetizer

On 27 February 2021 we presented the cookbook in a live broadcast on facebook from the Concert Hall’s beautiful Götaplats foyer.

It was a sunny morning with cooking, talking to the book’s photographer and pretalk about the upcoming concert season (in swedish). And of course a couple of wonderful pieces of music with the Gothenburg Symphony Orchestra.

The competition mentioned in the video has ended, it took place in facebook’s comment field in connection with the live broadcast.

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A Taste of the Gothenburg Concert Hall is produced by the Gothenburg Symphony Orchestra’s marketing department.

Recipes collected by chef Patrick Rutten

Introductory texts: Stefan Nävermyr
Graphic design: Magdalena Nilsson
Photo: Anna Hult
Other contributors: Fredrica Olsson, Daniela Ighe, Åsa Bernlo, Anna Strand, Minh Nguyen, Joakim Ericsson, Tomaz Ungh, Ola Håkansson, Karl Mellquist, Olle Andersson and Anna Särg
Publisher: Åsa Bernlo

Silver i Publishingpriset 2021

© Göteborgs Symfoniker AB and Anna Hult