Durations – a concert installation

Ensemble Makadam has worked with time and space, sound and listening in various forms in collaboration with three composers – Lina Järnegard, Victor Lisinski and Isak Edberg. In the process, three compositions have emerged as well as ideas for light design and scenography. The project also includes concerts and a speach.

The concert installation Durations are open in the entrance hall in the Göteborg Concert Hall Monday 4 September to Sunday 10 September (Monday-Saturday open from 12:00 until the Concert Hall’s own program, Sunday open from 14:00). There you can listen to live musicians, as well as recorded material.

Durations experiment with performing live music as installation in places other than traditional concert halls so that the audience can get closer to and even move around the musicians. The space is created by the sound and light-designer Rasmus Persson and the artist Rickard Eklund.

During the week as Durations are ongoing, each composer will also get his works presented, with featuring elements of the ensemble’s own improvisations. In addition to the concerts of composers, the ensemble also performs two concerts with its own program, and the author and music critic Magnus Haglund speaks of the importance of the room for listening.

Free entrance.

Durations is a collaboration between Gothenburg Concert Hall, Live Music and Ensemble Makadam. With support from the National Music Agency (Statens Musikverk) and the Culture Council (Kulturrådet).

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