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String Quartet No 4

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It is no surprise that Stenhammar, who loved the refined and direct expression, was attracted by the string quartet as a form. In addition, his friend Tor Aulin was the leader of his own string quartet with Stenhammar as a regular guest on the piano.

It was probably the Aulin Quartet that premièred the work in Gothenburg on 7 March 1910, but already on 10 February the same year it had been played privately at one of Augusts Strindberg’s soirees at Intima teatern in Stockholm. Many consider the fourth quartet to be Stenhammar’s finest. It was dedicated to his friend Jean Sibelius (who in response dedicated his sixth symphony to Stenhammar). The Finnish composer had several favourite sections of the quartet, and, according to his wife, had the score of the quartet lying on his bedside table, close at hand.


Stenhammar String Quartet No 4


Stenhammar Quartet

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