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The Carnival of the Animals

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Saint-Saëns’s captivating, musical depictions of wild and domestic animals are here joined by musicians from Gothenburg Symphony Orchestra, Claes Eriksson and his ingenious verses, read in Swedish.

Everything from fishes to roosters and turtles is portrayed here with emotion and humour in a wonderful chamber music work premiered on Shrove Tuesday (Easter week) on 9 March 1886. It is one of Saint-Saëns most popular works and Claes Eriksson – comedian, artist, writer – is one great admirer. He has written verses for each piece where, with his usual clarity, he reflects on the animals and existence itself.

After the première, Dagens Nyheter wrote: “A concert that became a philosophical musical show of rarely seen kind when the virtuoso musicianship really boiled and Eriksson’s rhyming art found time and time again precisely those situations when humour changes into deep seriousness.”

Volvo is a proud sponsor to all of the Gothenburg Symphony Orchestra’s children and family concerts.


Saint-Saëns The Carnival of the Animals


Musicians from Gothenburg Symphony Orchestra

Claes Eriksson presenter

Elin Andersson Illustrator

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