Göteborgs Symfoniker

Play with the orchestra

In the clip, the Gothenburg Symphony Orchestra plays Svendsen’s Romance in G major, but the soloist is missing – because that’s where you should take place! The score can be found below.

The composer Johan Svendsen (1840-1911) learned early to play flute and clarinet, but mainly violin. At the age of 21, he began concert tours and came to the Leipzig Conservatory of Music in 1863, where he studied under Moritz Hauptmann, Ferdinand David, Ernst Richter and Carl Reinecke.

He also composed several acclaimed works. In the spring of 1868 he traveled to Paris, where he came to work at the Théâtre de l’Odéon and was noticed both as a violinist and orchestral arranger.


Svendsen’s Romance in G major, violin

Svendsen’s Romance in G major, viola

Svendsen’s Romance in G major, cello

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