Spring celebration to song
5 Apr 15.00

The Gothenburg Symphony is proud to present Kathrin Lorenzen, winner of the Soloist Prize 2024, in a spring concert dedicated to song. Conductor Joel Sandelson.

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Timeless jazz with Nana Rashid
7 Apr 19.30

Every word becomes a true story when singer Nana Rashid presents standards and her own compositions in a carefully selected mix with piano trio Little North.

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Beethoven and Blomstedt
9, 10 Apr

Notes of passion with the Gothenburg Symphony Orchestra and esteemed conductor Herbert Blomstedt.

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Baby Music
10 Apr

A playful and creative moment for you and your baby where well-known melodies and rhymes are interspersed with new acquaintances in classical music.

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University of Gothenburg Symphony Orchestra
11 Apr 18.00

Musicians from the Master's program in Symphonic orchestra playing at the University of Stage and Music.

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Solo evening with violin star
13 Apr 18.00

Impressive technique and divine moments. Augustine Hadelich is one of the brightest-shining violin stars in classical music.

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Vibrant spring evening with organ
16 Apr 19.30

As the April evening spreads its soft light, we open the doors to the Main Hall for a shimmering solo organ concert. Shin-Young Lee performs beloved pieces by J.S. Bach and much more.

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Visions of Wagner
22 Apr 18.00

What does composer Richard Wagner have to do with death and destruction? Camilla Lundberg talks about the opera master who has gone down in music history. Learn more about classical music in the Classical Curiosity lecture series.

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Notes from Damascus
25 Apr 19.30

Arabic music meets jazz with Maya Youssef – master of the 78-string instrument called qanun.

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Coffee Music
3 May 11.00

A perfect Saturday morning with classical music in relaxed company, with musicians from the Gothenburg Symphony.

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Karin Rehnqvist: Silent Earth
8, 9 May

Poetic and thought-provoking, with the Gothenburg Symphony Orchestra; Eva Ollikainen, conductor; Gothenburg Symphony Vocal Ensemble; and Gothenburg Symphony Choir.

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Jan Lisiecki plays Chopin
14, 15 May

Elegant and virtuosic, with the Gothenburg Symphony Orchestra; Santtu-Matias Rouvali, conductor; and Jan Lisiecki, piano.

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Gothenburg Symphony plays in Stockholm
17 May 15.00

Gothenburg Symphony Orchestra plays in the Stockholm Concert Hall together with chief conductor Santtu-Matias Rouvali and pianist Jan Lisiecki.

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The Orchestra Lineup
20 May 18.00

Just like in a football team. Everyone has different roles in an orchestra. But who decides what? And how to get 100 people to hit the target? Learn more about classical music in the Classical Curiosity lecture series.

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Gothenburg Symphony plays in Stuttgart
21 May 19.00

Gothenburg Symphony Orchestra on tour with chief conductor Santtu-Matias Rouvali and pianist Jan Lisiecki.

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Joyce DiDonato and Norwegian National Opera Orchestra
23 May 18.00

Love and evil death with the Norwegian National Opera Orchestra; Edward Gardner, conductor; and Joyce DiDonato, mezzo-soprano.

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A new soundscape with Wesseltoft & Schwartz
26 May 19.30

Bugge Wesseltoft and Henrik Schwartz bring brand-new energy to beats and electronica. An evening of surprises with inspiration from jazz, rock and bustling dance floors.

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Spring party with Santtu-Matias Rouvali
29 May 19.30

Join us in celebration as Gothenburg Symphony's Chief Conductor closes the season with a fireworks display of music together with the orchestra and pianist Frank Dupree!

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6 Jun 14.00

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