Göteborgs Konserthus Romantic Rarities

Event has already taken place. A programme rich in variety as the magnificent Concert Hall organ brings Grande Pièce Symphonique to life, with organist Mikael Wahlin at the keys.

Concert length: 1 h no intermission Scene: Stora salen
370-530 SEK Student 185-265 SEK

Event has already taken place

With a varied programme built around César Franck’s Grande Pièce Symphonique, Mikael Wahlin provides us with an organ concert filled with romantic rarities.

Organisten Mikael Wahlin sitter vid sitt instrument.

With the composer César Franck (1822-1890), an almost unbroken French tradition of composing organists began. The background to this was the symphonically inspired type of organ that was created by the genius organ builder Aristide Cavaillé-Coll and that came to dominate French organ building during the middle and later part of the 19th century. César Franck’s Grande Pièce Symphonique is included as the second piece from the collection Six Pièces, published in 1868. It consists of a single large movement, but with a clear division into different sections – one of them inspired by Beethoven’s Ninth Symphony.

Konserthusets orgels spelbord fotad på podiet med ett sken kring sig.


Get to know the organist Mikael Wahlin.

Get to know César Franck’s Grande Pièce Symphonique.

Look into the organ

The organ is called the ”Queen of Instruments”, and for good reason: no other acoustic instrument is as varied in sound and dynamics, from the very weakest, solitary note to massive chords that cause vibrations in the floor and walls, which is guaranteed to happen in Stora Salen, the main auditorium in Gothenburg Concert Hall, when the sound from the more than 9,000 organ pipes fills the room! The instrument is so large that some of the organ pipes have been installed beneath the audience in the auditorium – when you sit on the parquet you can feel the vibrations from the bass pipes!


Calkin Hommage a Mozart 5 min

Wolstenholme Cantilene in A flat major 6 min

Bunk Fantasie Op. 57 13 min

Laurin Divertimento 2 min

Wahlin Divertimento 4 min

Karg-Elert Romantic retrospective view 7 min


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