Göteborgs Konserthus Spring Organ

Event has already taken place. Magnificent, bright and wonderful tones in a unique meeting between organist Karin Nelson and singer and fiddler Lena Willemark.

Concert length: 1 h no intermission Scene: Stora salen
370-530 SEK Student 185-265 SEK

Event has already taken place

Hear Karin Nelson perform Madeleine Isaksson’s Span, which was written for the Concert Hall’s new organ and premiered at its inauguration. She describes the programme as a collection of magnificent, bright and wonderful tones. A unique concert and a musical meeting between Karin and singer and fiddler Lena Willemark.

organisten karin nelson vid orgeln och Lena Willemark med fiolen i handen.

The organ is called the ”Queen of Instruments”, and for good reason: no other acoustic instrument is as varied in sound and dynamics, from the very weakest, solitary note to massive chords that cause vibrations in the floor and walls, which is guaranteed to happen in Stora Salen, the main auditorium in Gothenburg Concert Hall, when the sound from the more than 9,000 organ pipes fills the room! The instrument is so large that some of the organ pipes have been installed beneath the audience in the auditorium – when you sit on the parquet you can feel the vibrations from the bass pipes!

Konserthusets orgels spelbord fotad på podiet med ett sken kring sig.


Get to know the organist Karin Nelson.

Get to know the singer and fiddler Lena Willemark.


Nelson Improvisation

Trad. Åsenpsalmen, after Viktor Gabrielsson

Willemark Rodh og grann

Willemark Kärleksmarschen

Madeleine Isaksson Span 10 min

Willemark Stig upp

Trad Älvdalspolska

Trad. Jan Orbina, efter Inga Juuso

Nelson Gillesnoulen

Willemark Ra Weg 7 min

Trad. Den ljusa dag

Jormin En gång

Saturday 20 May 2023: The event ends at approx. 13.30


Karin Nelson orgel

Lena Willemark sång, fiol

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