Göteborgs Konserthus Durations: Room spaces

Event has already taken place. Talk about the importance of the room for listening with the author and critic Magnus Haglund as well as Ensemble Makadam, as a part of the concert installation Durations.

Scene: Götaplatsfoajén
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Event has already taken place

The author and music critics Magnus Haglund talks about the importance of the room for listening, based on Morton Feldman’s music and Nils-Einar Eriksson’s formulations about Gothenburg Concert Hall. The conversation is in swedish and is a part of the “concert installation” Durations where Ensemble Makadam workes with time and space, sound and listening in various forms in collaboration with three composers.

On the basis of American composer Morton Feldman’s late long-term work and Nils-Einar Eriksson’s architect’s formulations of acoustic conditions in the creation of the Gothenburg Concert Hall, Magnus Haglund makes an attempt to call in the significance of the room for listening and the lives of the sounds.

This mini-session is followed by a conversation with the members of the Makadam ensemble about the role of silence in Morton Feldman’s music and what it means to reproduce it in a new and challenging way.

Magnus Haglund is a writer and critic in the Gothenburg Post. In the autumn of 2016 he published the book Lyssnare (“Listeners”), an essay of sound and art, and is currently working on a biography of Wilhelm Stenhammar.


Durations can be experienced in the entrance hall in Gothenburg Concert Hall 4-10 September. During the same period, each composer will also get his work presented in full, with elements of the ensemble improvisations.

Durations is a collaboration between Gothenburg Concert Hall, Live Music and Ensemble Makadam. With support from the National Music Agency and the Culture Council.

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