Event has already taken place. Watch the concert at GSOplay instead! Purchased tickets will be refunded and subscribers compensated as soon as we know how many concerts in each subscritpion that will be affected.

Concert length: 1 h 15 min no intermission Scene: Stora salen
340-500 SEK Student 170-250 SEK

Event has already taken place

The concert is unfortunately canceled, but you can watch it livestreamed at GSOplay. We will get back as soon as we can to ticket buyers with detailed information about for example new concert dates, exchanges and compensation. In general, we refund all tickets for the Gothenburg Symphony Orchestra’s own events, individually as well as within subscriptions. 

The following applies to subscriptions: As we do not yet know when we will be allowed to welcome any audience into the Gothenburg Concert Hall, we will await the development during the autumn. Refunds will be made automatically as soon as we know how the autumn season will be affected, but no later than 15 January 2021.

If you have any questions, please contact our ticket office: biljett@gso.se, +46(0)31-7265300. There is a lot of pressure on the ticket office and we hope that you can be tolerant of the fact that it can take an extra long time to get an answer.

More info about the decision to cancel / move events can be found here.


Stravinsky’s music for the ballet The Firebird is joined by Samuel Barber’s beautiful violin concerto with its dazzling virtuoso finale. The soloist is Valeriy Sokolov who, with his highly emotional playing, has established himself as one of the most sought after young violinists.

Stravinsky’s Firebird is based on a Russian folk tale about Prince Ivan who is on his way to his father’s homeland. He wanders into an enchanted garden where the magnificent Firebird every night seeks to eat the golden apples that give eternal youth, beauty and happiness. Prince Ivan manages to catch the bird, but decides to release the bird in exchange for a golden feather. With Stravinsky’s dazzling sonorous music, we can follow the prince’s adventures in the enchanted garden. The orchestra is led by their chief conductor Santtu-Matias Rouvali.


Barber Violin Concerto 25 min

Stravinsky Suite from The Firebird (1945) 29 min


Valerij Sokolov violin

Questions? Contact the ticket office
Man spelar på en cello i ett rött rum där tyg fladdrar runt honom

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