Göteborgs Konserthus Song for Those We Miss

A moment's rest at All Saints' Day to tones that gives us time to think about those we miss. Norwegian organist Iver Kleive leaves no one unmoved with his melodic mix of folk songs, jazz and chorales.

Concert length: 1 h no intermission Scene: Stora salen
340-500 SEK Student 170-250 SEK Young up to 29 170-250 SEK

Step into the warmth of the Konserthuset and let organ music give you hope in All Saints’ Day. A moment’s rest to tunes that gives us time to think about those we miss. Norwegian organist Iver Kleive leaves no one unmoved with his melodic mix of folk songs, jazz and chorales. 

 Examples of beloved pieces and songs that have been given a new look in Iver Kleive’s hands are Bliv kvar hos mig, Blott en dag, Bach’s Air and Morricones Gabriel’s Oboe. The organist and composer from Skien in Norway moves freely between genres such as show, jazz, blues and classical. His album Blå Koral was awarded the Norwegian music prize The Spellemann Prize in 1991. 

Iver Kleive has collaborated with a number of folk and rock musicians as an arranger and studio musician, and in 2008 he was the organ soloist at the Nobel Peace Prize concert. It is a rich musical treasure he brings to Gothenburg. Bring a friend and listen together! 


Get to know the organist Iver Kleive.

More than 9000 organ pipes

The organ is called “the queen of instruments” and for a good reason: no other acoustic instrument is so varied in sound and dynamics, from the weakest, solitary tone to massive chords that make it vibrate in floors and walls. Join the tour inside the fascinating instrument together with Hans Davidsson from Göteborg International Organ Academy!


Reger Liebster Jesu, wir sind hier 3 min

J S Bach Schmücke dich, o liebe Seele 7 min

J S Bach FANTASI G-Major 9 min

Sløgedal Variasjoner over den norske folketone "Å hvor salig det skal blive" 7 min

Guilmant Marche funèbre et Chant séraphique 12 min

Kleive Et minne 3 min

OLIVIER MESSIAEN (1908-1992) APPARITION DE L'EGLISE ETERNELLE Olivier Messiaen was one of the pioneering and most influential modernist composers in the second half of the 20th century. Already in his very first published composition, the organ piece Le banquet céleste, composed when the composer was 18 years old, he emerges as a profoundly original composer personality. Throughout his long career, Messiaen explored new possibilities of expression: he developed his own melodic and harmonic systems (including seven scale types, "modes with limited transpositions"), incorporated rhythms from Greek metrics and Indian music, and generally saw rhythm as the central element of music . Well known is his use of birdsong, reproduced with great accuracy. Certain aspects of Messiaen's tonal language became a source of inspiration for young avant-garde composers of the post-war period. Most central to Messiaen's creation was his Catholic faith: almost all of his works have a theological content. Alongside Bengt Hambræus, he is the only one of the great post-war modernists for whom the organ was central in the creation - although he also composed many significant works in other genres. For over 60 years he served as organist on Sundays at the Sainte-Trinité Church in Paris, and throughout this time new organ compositions were added, most of them in the form of larger work cycles with titles such as La Nativité du Seigneur, Les Corps Glorieux, Pentecost Mass and Meditations on the Mystery of the Holy Trinity. Apparition de l'église éternelle ("Apparition of the Eternal Church") is one of the early works (1932), composed around the same time as the first work cycle, L’Ascension. The piece is Messiaen's first organ composition after taking over as organist at Sainte-Trinité the year before. The work is a vision of the heavenly church, which first looms in the distance, then comes ever closer, and then recedes again. The piece exhibits features that from today's perspective can be seen as minimalistic. In his own commentary on the work, Messiaen emphasizes the simple building blocks: the rhythmic patterns, the harmonic colors contrasted against "hard and cold" empty fifths, and the first rising and then falling dynamics. The Messiah continues, referring to a Catholic hymn: "chisel, hammer, suffering and trials cut and polish the chosen, the living stones of the spiritual building (which is expressed by the incessant pulsation of the base). The vision is very simple, at its height almost brutal . It builds up slowly and takes a long time to dissipate…”

Kleive Interlude över "Påskemorgen slukker sorgen" 4 min

Kleive Toccata över "Store Gud vi lover deg" 5 min

Saturday 4 November 2023: The event ends at approx. 13.30


Iver Kleive is a Norwegian composer and organist. He is known for his composing style which is a fusion of traditional church music with other musical idioms such as blues, jazz, and Norwegian folk music. He has appeared in nearly 200 recordings as a studio musician, composer and arranger. Kleive was born in Skien to a musical family. His father, Kristoffer Kleive, was also an organist and his brother, Audun Kleive, is a noted jazz percussionist. He studied church music and organ at the Norwegian Academy of Music in Oslo and then served as the organist at the Frogner Church from 1976 to 1981 and the Røyken Church from 1982 to 1985. Since 1987 he has been the musical director of the Helgerud Church in Bærum. He is also director of the Oslo Bach Choir which he founded in 1988. The recording of his Blå Koral (Blue Chorale) won Spellemannpriset Award in 1991.

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Percussionist vid pukor med stockar i handen, omgiven av röd sammet.

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