Götaplatsfoajén Point Clouds: Audrey Chen, Lindha Kallerdahl & Nina De Heney

Event has already taken place. Audrey Chen explores the sounds of the cello and voice, here in a meeting with pioneering jazz singer Lindha Kallerdahl and Swiss double bassist Nina De Heney.

Concert length: 30 min

Event has already taken place

Point Clouds give you boundless and wonderfully unpredictable pop up-elements that surprise and challenge, calm and worry. Watch for the clouds full of experiences during Point Music Festival.

Audrey Chen has explored the sounds of the cello and the voice in her own special way for more than 30 years and is an original and fascinating scene personality. During the festival, she meets Lindha Kallerdahl who is regarded as one of the most important and pioneering singers on the Swedish jazz and improvisation scene. The power and energy that comes from her honesty towards soul and heart as well as the soul of music is Lindha Kallerdahl’s great strength.

Added to these two is another strong artist – Swiss double bass player Nina De Heney, living in Gothenburg and one of the most influential musicians on the improvisation scene in Sweden. In 2012, she was awarded the jazz musician of the year during the Swedish Jazz Celebration and her solo albums were unveiled in the press in unison.

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A part of Point Music Festival

Throughout Point Music Festival 23-26 May, the Gothenburg Concert Hall will be transformed. With sound, lighting and design, we’ll create an atmosphere where anything can happen. An atmosphere where music, dance, performing art and other art forms meet in new, unexpected ways, sweeping the audience into an adventure. Buy the festival pass that suits you the best or pick your favourite performances!

Point Music Festival is conducted with the support of the Sten A Olsson foundation for Research and Culture.

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