Göteborgs Symfoniker
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D’Netto: Uncertain Planning

Australian Connor D’Netto composes contemporary classical music at the intersection of experimental electronics, ambient and electroacoustic music. He likes to combine acoustic instruments, guitar pedals and DIY instruments. His music has been performed by the LA Phil and commissioned by a range of ensembles in Australia. D’Netto describes his style as a balance between “driving rhythm, lush orchestration and sensitive incorporation of electronics”, in an attempt to connect different target groups in society.

Uncertain Planning was commissioned by the Sydney Symphony and premiered by Simone Young. The work was written during the 2020 pandemic and depicts the straitjacket of isolation and the experience of living in insecurity. “A broken world spun outside my window and the uncertainty outside inevitably spilled in – anxious stillness, distant, constant worry and unawareness; overwhelming frustration, burning anger; mild hope and burning determination.”

About Simone Young
Australian Simone Young is well known among orchestras in opera houses and in concert halls around the world. Just as at home in the waters surrounding our most beloved composers as in the waves of contemporary music. Simone Young is chief conductor of the Sydney Symphony Orchestra, but also a driven and empathetic pianist who enjoys playing chamber music with musicians in the SSO.

The concert was recorded in Gothenburg Concert Hall in Februari 2024.

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D'Netto Uncertain Planning


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