Göteborgs Symfoniker
Available until 15 June 2024

Emil Brandqvist Trio

In September 2023, Emil Brandqvist Trio took over the Stenhammar Hall in the Gothenburg Concert Hall and made the room vibrate with a fantastic atmosphere and music – now it’s your turn to discover, or relive, the wonderful evening from last autumn.

Over 25 million streams on Spotify. Brilliant reviews and notable concerts at festivals and clubs across Europe. With their atmospheric and melodic jazz, Emil Brandqvist Trio has established itself at the top of the international jazz scene. Meet a top trio in a unique tonal landscape. 

 As a composer, drummer Emil Brandqvist Trio puts the melody first. With that as a starting point, he creates an expression that in mood and tone bears traces of folk music as well as classical music – and bears witness to the organic interplay he has forged with pianist Tuomas Turunen and bassist Max Thornberg. Here they offer a tonal landscape that is as detailed as it is consistent and varied, restful as it is energizing, a precise jazz without role models, just their own. 



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Emil Brandqvist Trio

Emil Brandqvist drums

Toumas Turunen piano

Max Thornberg bass