Göteborgs Konserthus Durations: Lina Järnegard

Event has already taken place. Ensemble Makadam plays 5 rooms (Iron Curtain) as part of the concert installation Durations.

Scene: Entréhallen
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Event has already taken place

In collaboration with three composers, Ensemble Makadam has worked with time and space, sound and listening in various forms. In the work of the “concert installation” Durations, three compositions have emerged as well as ideas for lighting design and scenography. The project also includes concerts and lecture.

Durations can be experienced in the entrance hall in Gothenburg Concert Hall 4-10 September. During the same period, each composer will also get his work presented in full, with elements of the ensemble improvisations.

At this concert, Ensemble Makadam plays 5 rooms by composer Lina Järnegard (1979). She writes mainly for chamber ensembles, including the opera ensemble Dråpera. Lina Järnegard’s music is characterized by an audio poetic feature, where noise, tones and gestures are elaborated in a composite whole.

Durations is a collaboration between Gothenburg Concert Hall, Live Music and Ensemble Makadam. With support from the National Music Agency and the Culture Council.

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