Götaplatsfoajén Point Talks

Event has already taken place. Lunch talk with participants from Point Music Festival under the direction of Camilla Lundberg. Today’s guests: Gabriel Prokofiev, Jan Yngwe, Jocelyn Morlock. Free entry.

Concert length: 1 h
Free entry

Event has already taken place

During Point Talks participants from Point Music Festival meet to exchange thoughts in inspiring meetings led by Camilla Lundberg. It may become a starting point for new stories, and more fantastic experiences during the festival. Time will tell.

This lunch talks DJ Gabriel Prokofiev (Point Club), conductor and composer Jan Yngwe (In State of Emergency) and composer Jocelyn Morlock (Life Reflected) under the direction of Camilla Lundberg.

Camilla Lundberg is music critic at Dagens Nyheter and Kulturnyheterna, previously music editor of Expressen and music director of Sveriges Television.

Free entry

The lunch is served from 11.30 and the conversation is in English.

A part of Point Music Festival

Throughout Point Music Festival 23-26 May, the Gothenburg Concert Hall will be transformed. With sound, lighting and design, we’ll create an atmosphere where anything can happen. An atmosphere where music, dance, performing art and other art forms meet in new, unexpected ways, sweeping the audience into an adventure. Buy the festival pass that suits you the best or pick your favourite performances!

Point Music Festival is conducted with the support of the Sten A Olsson foundation for Research and Culture.

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Camilla Lundberg host

Gabriel Prokofiev dj

Jocelyn Morlock composer

Jan Yngwe dirigent

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