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Göteborgs Symfoniker AB is a wholly owned limited company in the Västra Götaland region and consists of about 160 employees, of which 109 are musicians.

The Gothenburg Symphony Orchestra is the region’s leading music institution with the main responsibility for developing forms in which classical music becomes more important to the region’s inhabitants. The Symphony Orchestra has at its disposal a unique house with many opportunities for meetings and experiences, and is the initiator of innovative collaborative projects and partnerships in the field of music.

The Gothenburg Symphony Orchestra – the Swedish National Orchestra – contributes to the region’s attractiveness through its ambassadorship in the national and international arena. The symphony orchestras also play an important role in regional development by using their resources and expertise to be available to municipalities, associations, organizers and the free music scene.


  • Ingrid Andreae (S), Chairman
  • Jan Lindblom (M), Vice Chairman
  • Eva Moberg (S), member
  • Carina Andersson (C), member
  • Eleonore Gren (SD), member
  • Sören Runsteen (KD), member
  • Jöran Fagerlund (V), member
  • Robert Hörnqvist (L), member
  • Lise-Lott Harén Robertsson (MP), member
Board minutes (in swedish)