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The Gothenburg Symphony Orchestra is considered one of Europe's foremost orchestras. Behind that position is a focused work where the whole organization is committed - every day. We aim for the world top and work methodically and strategically to come there. This you can read more about in our annual reports.

Here you can find our latest annual reports (in Swedish)

As our most important success factors, we have defined the highest artistic quality, a strong audience focus, a leading children’s and youth activity, financial and organizational strength and a modern concert hall that enables development. For the financial strength, we thank our owner Västra Götalandsregionen, VGR, who gives us a clear and visionary mission, and which has supported and safeguarded our business during the past year. We also feel that they have been open and appreciative the initiatives and new formats we have developed.

Our high level of ambition encompasses all parts of the business, which has given fine artistic results. However, our digital investment over many years has really proved to be extremely valuable for us during theese last years.