Welcome to the premiére!

Secure your seat to the grand opening of the concert hall organ in October and be among the first to experience the powerful organ sounds in Gothenburg Concert Hall!

Thanks to the cooperation between the real estate company Higab, the Gothenburg’s international organ academy, and Gothenburg Symphony Orchestra there is now a new world-class concert hall organ in the Gothenburg Concert Hall, built by Rieger Orgelbau in Austria.

The organ is called the “queen of instruments” and for a good reason: no other acoustic instrument is so varied in sound and dynamics, from the weakest, solitary tone to massive chords that make it vibrate in floors and walls. Finally, it’s time to experience just this in the Great Hall when the sound from the more than 9000 organ pipes fills the room. Powerful!

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Several of the premiére concerts are live streamed via GSOplay, the Gothenburg Symphony Orchestra’s digital concert hall:

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Mor than 9000 organ pipes

The new organ in Gothenburg Concert Hall is built by Rieger Orgelbau in Austria, an extremely complex work that has been going on for many years. The organ is inspired by the French, romantic organ school with parts that can imitate the orchestra’s many instruments and in combinations that one could only dream of. Here are traditional parts such as flute and bassoon but also something new like saxophone.

After more than five years of planning and three years of construction, the instrument is now in place in the Great Hall with its more than 9000 organ pipes.

Konserthusorgeln syns genom lamellerna längst fram i konsertsalen, ovanför scenen. På scenen står en man och blickar upp mot orgeln.

Orgelpipor från insidan av orgeln, publikplatserna anas genom lamellerna bakom piporna.

Orgelns spelbord och musiker på scenen i vacker ljussättning, piporna anas bakom lamellerna i fonden.

Orgelns spelbord ovanifrån med en mängd tangenter och knappar som musikerns händer vilar på.

The production and installation of the organ

The installation started in the summer of 2019.

There has been an organ earlier in the Gothenburg Concert Hall. It was built in 1937 by Marcussen & Søn, but it quickly became a problem with the instrument. One wanted a large and versatile organ, although the space behind the orchestra was too small – the organ pipes had to be mounted on two floors, which meant that the main work sounded too weak.

The electric table was sensitive. It was exchanged in the 1980s against a computerized version but also that table was hit by problems over the years, including with the electronics and it would be very costly to repair. The audience found themselves in the absence of organ sounds in the concert hall.

When the project with the new organ began, the old organ was dismantled to make room for the new instrument built exklusivley for this specific concert hall. It was an extremely complex work so as not to adversely affect the interior or acoustics of the concert hall.

The order is made by the Concert Hall’s property owner Higab. The concert hall organ project is followed and supported by an international expert group, where FGIOA acts as a consultant through its subsidiary GOART AB.

In October 2021, it’s finally time to inaugurate the organ – “the queen of instruments”: no other acoustic instrument is so varied in timbre and dynamics, from the faintest, solitary tone to massive chords that make it vibrate in floors and walls.

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