Göteborgs Konserthus Organ marathon

Event has already taken place. A unique event: a two-day organ marathon, with organists from across Västra Götaland!

Concert length: 12 h 30 min Scene: Stora salen
75 SEK Student 37 SEK

Event has already taken place

We invited organists from all municipalities of Västra Götaland to participate in an organ marathon spanning two days. Don’t miss this rare event!

The organ is called the “queen of instruments” and for a good reason: no other acoustic instrument is so varied in sound and dynamics, from the weakest, solitary tone to massive chords that make it vibrate in floors and walls. Finally, it’s time to experience just this in the Great Hall when the sound from the more than 9000 organ pipes fills the room. Powerful!

There is also an interactive exhibition “Känsla för musik”, a collaboration with Gothenburg’s international organ festival. On saturday 23 october you can also take the opportunity to visit our neighbour Gothenburg City Library – where you can build a mini organ and experiment with cosmic sounds. The activity is suitable for you who are 6-12 years old and takes place on four occasions during the day starting at 12.30, 13.30, 15.00 and 16.00.

The new Concert Hall Organ

Gothenburg Concert Hall has received a new world-class concert hall organ, thanks to the collaboration between the real estate company Higab, the Gothenburg’s international organ academy and Gothenburg Symphony Orchestra. For ten days, the over 9000 organ pipes sound when the new organ is celebrated with international soloists, premieres, organ concert with orchestra, organ marathon with participants from Västra Götaland’s 49 municipalities and live broadcasts on GSOplay. Secure your seat to the première concerts 15-24 october and be among the first to experience the powerful sounds vibrate in Gothenburg Concert Hall!

Do you choose the marathon or supermarathon?

The organists take place at the organ about once every half hour. Then it is also possible to go in and out of the Concert Hall. Choose if you want to go one of the days (SEK 75, student half price) or do the supermarathon and buy a two-day pass (SEK 100, student half price).

Participants saturday 23 oct

Participants sunday 24 oct

Orgelns spelbord står centrerad på scenen i Stora salen, i bakväggen syns orgelpiporna skymta mellan lameller i väggen.

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