A Sunday of meditative organ
13 Oct 15.00

Come inside the warm Concert Hall and be surrounded by the divine sounds of the mighty organ. Hans-Ola Ericsson plays music by Olivier Messiaen in this relaxed concert.

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School Concert: The monster doesn’t breath
15, 16, 17, 18 Oct

A performance about big feelings, what is truly beautiful – and what is truly ugly. With organist Tommy Jonsson and the Gothenburg Symphony Orchestra. For preschool classes-year 3.

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15 Oct 19.30

Join the Västra Götaland Youth Orchestra on a musical journey to Vienna! Conductor Kim Phipps.

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Organ tunes by Widor
20 Oct 15.00

Thrilling notes from Rachmaninov and Rossini and the best of French Romanticism with Widor. David Higgs plays some of the organ world's top show numbers.

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Vivaldi’s world
20 Oct 18.00

Italian beauty with the Baroque Academy Gothenburg Symphony; Stefano Veggetti, cello; and Terje Skomedal, concertmaster.

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New goals with Yellowjackets
21 Oct 19.30

Electroacoustic fusion jazz and refined funk with a hint of R&B and post-bop.

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Masters of East and West
24, 25 Oct

Music drawn from the movies with the Gothenburg Symphony Orchestra; Santtu-Matias Rouvali, conductor; and Markus Lang, double bass.

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Culture Night in Gothenburg Concert Hall
25 Oct 20.15

The bars are open and musicians from the Gothenburg Symphony set the mood as the autumn evening descends. Free entry.

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Macbeth – A staged concert
30 Oct 18.00

The Autumn Holiday Choir and the Autumn Holiday Orchestra perform the concert version of Verdi's opera Macbeth.

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Coffee Music
2 Nov 11.00

A perfect Saturday morning with classical music in relaxed company, with musicians from the Gothenburg Symphony.

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Autumn mood with Poulenc’s Stabat Mater
8, 9 Nov

A sincere and beautiful concert with the Gothenburg Symphony Orchestra; Aivis Greters, conductor; Johanna Wallroth, soprano; Gothenburg Symphony Vocal Ensemble and the Gothenburg Symphony Choir.

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School Concert: All I ask for
12, 13, 14, 15 Nov

Can words describe how it feels to be young? Poetry of Gothenburg, performed by Pershenk Ahmed, Vic Vem, pianist Fabian Kallerdahl and musicians from the Gothenburg Symphony Orchestra. For high school.

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A sweet union of beauty and chaos
13 Nov 19.30

Music filled with longing with the Gothenburg Symphony Orchestra; Tabita Berglund, conductor; and Håkan Hardenberger, trumpet.

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University of Gothenburg Symphony Orchestra
15 Nov 18.00

Musicians from the Master's program in Symphonic orchestra playing at the University of Stage and Music.

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Yoga concert: Light
17 Nov 11.00

Musician and yoga teacher Lene Skomedal/Yoga Lene takes you closer to classical music while she leads you through a wonderful yin yoga session. Tommy Jonsson is playing the organ.

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To the end of the world with Kuusisto
20 Nov 19.30

A classical journey of discovery with the Gothenburg Symphony Orchestra; Andrew Manze, conductor; and Pekka Kuusisto, violin.

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Gothenburg Symphony Orchestra plays in Vara Konserthus
21 Nov 19.00

Gothenburg Symphony Orchestra plays in Vara Konserthus together with conductor Andrew Manze and violinist Pekka Kuusisto.

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Light and love
24 Nov 18.00

Choir lyricism at its loveliest with the Gothenburg Symphony Vocal Ensemble; Katie Thomas, conductor; and Juan Zurutuza, piano.

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A tribute to Hillborg
28 Nov 19.30

Reverberant sounds with the Gothenburg Symphony Orchestra; Pekka Kuusisto, conductor; and Ida Falk Winland, soprano.

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Damir Imamović: Tales from the Balkans
29 Nov 19.30

Luminous Bosnian folk music infused with longing and yearning.

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Klas Hallberg - To live before you die
30 Nov 19.00

Organizer: Klas Hallberg Management | Klas is in a class of his own, a brilliant presenter. Watching Klas is like watching a perfectly coordinated symphony orchestra in one person”/ David JP Phillips. A thoughtful comedy show about living before you die.

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Vibrant with Nacka Forum
2 Dec 19.30

Jazz that pushes all boundaries. Saxophonist Jonas Kullhammar, trumpet player Goran Kajfeš, bassist Johan Berthling and drummer Kresten Osgood.

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Dvorák’s New World Symphony
4 Dec 19.30

Wide-open horizons with the Gothenburg Symphony Orchestra; Emilia Hoving, conductor; Juan Zurutuza, piano; and Amalie Stalheim, cello.

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Bach with a twist
15 Dec 18.00

Nostalgic and melodic chamber music with musicians from the Gothenburg Symphony Orchestra.

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