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Four Last Songs

Vier letzte Lieder, “The Last Four Songs”, is the work of Richard Strauss, posthumously performed. The songs were written in 1948, about a year before the death of the then 85-year-old composer. The premiere with Kirsten Flagstad took place in London in 1950, led by Wilhelm Furtwängler. Probably the songs were not originally intended as a unit, but they are so well suited to be performed in such a way that it quickly became established. They have a collection of seductive properties that have given them a safe place in the standard repertoire. Strauss returns here to a more traditional tonality without the chromatic and sometimes even dissonant style he has experimented with in other works.When the songs were composed, they were already “old-fashioned” in style, but it perhaps proves that it is nonsense the same what techniques were used to compose a masterpiece. Strauss’s love for the soprano is perhaps most evident here. However, the fact that the songs are as listenable as they are does not mean that they are straightforward to sing. Enjoy “Four Last Songs” with the fantastic soprano Marjukka Tepponen!

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R Strauss Four Last Songs


Gothenburg Symphony Orchestra

Santtu-Matias Rouvali conductor

Marjukka Tepponen soprano