Martin Fröst: Genesis

A breathtaking musical and visual performance

Genesis means beginning, and it is also the title of the Book of Genesis. In clarinettist Martin Fröst’s latest project, ancient Greek music is juxtaposed against Anders Hillborg’s urban sound – a time span of almost 2000 years! “We start with the roots of the music and explore how through them we can open a new musical door to the future,” says Martin Fröst.


Gothenburg Symphony
Martin Fröst conductor
Martin Fröst clarinet
Härlanda flickkör –
Birgitta Mannerström-Molin choirmaster
Håvard Lysebo flute
Magnus Holmander clarinet
Sandra Ibarreche Burgos clarinet
Olof Wendel cimbalom
Ambra Succi choreographer
Maja Andersson koreografassistent
Linus Fellbom lighting design

Recorded for GSOplay 27 January 2018


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