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Beethoven: Quintet for oboe, three horns and bassoon

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Here’s music we may never have heard if the zealous Leopold Zellner didn’t put together and edit some fragments by Beethoven for his concert series “Historischen Concerte” in Vienna in 1862.

The old sketches probably originated from 1793 when the 23-year-old Beethoven was establishing himself as a composer and pianist in Vienna. It was intended as a sextet – for the aristocratic salons? – but the clarinet part was never written. What is preserved are parts of the initial allegro, the whole adagio and half of a minuet. Zeller did a good basic job and when the quintet was eventually published, it became a popular feature on concert programs with its melodic echoes from Mozart.

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Beethoven Quintet for oboe, three horns and bassoon


Lisa Ford Horn Horn

Kristina Borg Horn

Ingrid Kornfält Wallin Horn

Carolina Grinne Oboe

Constantin Gerstein Bassoon

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