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Summer special: The Wood Nymph and En Saga

An old favorite to enjoy in the Summer Concert Hall
The Wood Nymph

Discover one of Sibelius’ real rarities: the enchanting tone poem The Wood Nymph from 1895. A masterpiece that lay forgotten for 100 years and is very seldom performed live.

The Wood Nymph is based on the poem with the same title by Viktor Rydberg, a fearful story about Björn who is enticed in to the wood where sinister dwarfs and wild animals lie in wait. He can’t resist the wood nymph with her round arms, heaving bosom and irresistible eyes. But it’s all at a cost: a life without love, joy or the bliss of a family.

En saga

When Santtu-Matias Rouvali conducts En saga by Sibelius doors are opened to strange and fascinating worlds, a journey through an inner landscape like no other.

Sibelius explained that the piece did not carry a story in itself. “En saga is an impression of a mental state. At the time I composed this tone poem I went through several harrowing experiences. In no other work have I exposed myself to such a degree as in En saga. Already for this reason, all literary interpretations are completely foreign to me.”


Sibelius The Wood Nymph
Sibelius En saga


Gothenburg Symphony20
Santtu-Matias Rouvali conductor

Recorded for GSOplay 19 Augusti 2017


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