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Sinfonia No. 1 in D major (Wq 183: 1)

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Carl Philip Emanuel Bach became one of the foremost composers of the 18th century. He was Johann Sebastian’s second son with Maria Anna and he was the godson of another of the Baroque giants, Telemann, whom he also succeeded as music director in Hamburg.

Of all the composing and talented Bach brothers, Carl Philip Emanuel was the most original and admired. In 1775-1776 he composed four orchestral symphonies in Hamburg full of emotion and power, with harmonic surprises, dynamic contrasts, sudden pauses and excursions into foreign keys. The symphony in D major offers vivacious music that reveals an innovator of great proportions.


C P E Bach Sinfonia No. 1 in D major (Wq 183: 1)


Baroque Academy Gothenburg Symphony

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