Yoga Concert: Metamorphosis

Welcome to a yoga pass with live music played by musicians from Gothenburg Symphony Orchestra under the direction of Lene Skomedal, Yoga Lene.

We are in the middle of a crisis and there is a huge transformation going on. Hopefully we will end up with a better world, but for now, let’s face this, stay in this, and move through this – together.

In this yoga concert you can listen to wonderful classical music and get to know the people behind the music, while you also can choose to join a yoga session that is grounding, liberating and boosting. There will be breathing exercises, yoga positions and flow sequences for all levels. Our hope is that you can enjoy this experience, feel stronger, grounded and more free and that you can feel more connected to your breathe, body, mind and the world – even if you might be in quarantine.

We do similar concerts four times a year with different themes and programs at the Gothenburg Concert House with about 120 people, but this time we sadly had to cancel due to Corona. Therefore we would like to give you all a very special yoga concert specially made for this difficult times.

Take care and stay safe!

Recorded for GSOplay 17 April 2020


Arvo Pärt Fratres

Vivaldi Second movement of ”Winter” (The Four Seasons)

Beethoven First movement of String Quartet No 13

V Aulin First movement of String Quartet in F major

Shostakovich Second movement of String Quartet No 8

Vivaldi Second movement of “Summer” (The Four Seasons)

Shaw Entr’acte

Puccini Crisantemi

Dvorák Second movement of String Quartet No 12

Vivaldi Second movement of ”Winter” (The Four Seasons)


Terje Skomedal violin

Joel Nyman violin

Tuula Fleivik Nurmo viola

Oscar Sokk Kleväng cello

Yoga Lene

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