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TEDxGöteborg - Disrupting Status Quo

TEDxGöteborg - Disrupting Status Quo

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We grow up being told what to do, believe, and feel about things. Parents, teachers, media, and politicians all provide us with a vision of how to live our lives and what paths to follow. And plenty of us listen to, and follow, their advice. We graduate, find a job and settle down with a partner we (hopefully) love. But what if there are other, more unconventional, ways to get things done in life?

The theme for this year’s TEDxGöteborg is ”Disrupting Status Quo”. At the event, you will get a closer insight into people and organizations that have done things differently from what society has been telling us is the right way to do things.
People and organizations who have all challenged the normal state and leave us thinking – what is normal? People who disrupt the status quo.

The speakers will be released successively on our Website

Confirmed speakers are Fredrik Sträng, Maria Ahlin and Erik Gatenholm with many more to come!

The Schedule for the event:

13.00 The doors are opened for registration
14.00 Scenery program begins
15.15 Pause
16.00 Scenery program begins
17.15 Pause
18.00 Scenery program begins
19.15 Final
19.15 – After TEDx

There will be beverage and vegetarian food served in the breaks.

Our expo-hall is an extension of our deep-dive into disruption with different areas where you can take the ideas you get from the talks and transform them. Maybe you will leave the event being a disruptor yourself?

TEDxGöteborg is an independent TEDx-organisation, operating under license from TED. TEDxGöteborg consists of a dedicated team of talented volunteers. We come in all ages, nationalities, and professions. What is more, we come together in our genuine passion for ideas worth spreading.

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