Have you felt the feeling that the sky opens? That words are not enough? Then you know exactly what a Halleluja Moment is.

The term became wellknown when Kishti Tomita in the Idol jury used it as a descritpion of being a part of something really magical. Just like a good music experience can be. The Gothenburg Concert Hall at Götaplatsen is full of such moments. Every week, year round.

Let Santa Claus dive into all the nice concerts coming up, or choose from the Christmas gifts below. And do not miss to follow us on Facebook where you will get great deals in our Christmas calendar.

The best Christmas gifts come from the heart.


Christmas gifts to the busy one

Give away the premium version of the GSOplay app, loaded with concerts with Gothenburg Symphony and unique backstage materials. The movies are in HD quality, free to watch and listen to offline – anywhere. Around the clock.

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Christmas presents for those who want to choose themselves

Give away a voucher that applies to the Concert Hall box office, restaurant, cafe and shop. You may choose the value of the voucher yourself, or give a punch ticket for 3, 10 or 20 concerts with the Gothenburg Symphony.

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De bästa klapparna kommer från hjärtat

Låt tomten dyka ner i hela konsertutbudet och känn efter för vilken konsert som ditt hjärtat klappar hårdast.

Till hela konsertutbudet


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