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Faurés’ Heavenly Requiem

It may seem obvious to write about angelic song, but when it comes to Fauré’s Requiem, the expression is perfect.

This is an unusually genuine and honest piece that, with its finely tuned and respectful introduction, has moved many listeners deeply: “My Requiem is dominated, from beginning to end, by a very human feeling of faith in eternal rest.” With his instinct for melodic perfection and refined sounds, Fauré created a piece that you can sink into without resistance, safely under the leadership of Joana Carneiro.


Fauré Requiem 38 min


Gothenburg Symphony Orchestra
Joana Carneiro conductor
Henrik Måwe piano
Hanna Husáhr soprano
Carl Ackerfeldt barytone
Gothenburg Symphony Choir

Recorded for GSOplay 17th May 2019

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