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Gageego! | Shift

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Experience the magic that arises when Switzerland and Sweden meet in this concert with Gageego!

Swiss composer Katharina Rosenberger studied in Boston, London and New York and is currently active in the United States. She pays special attention to the works that move between the art forms with elements from concert music, musical theater, sound art and sound installations. Her work has been performed at concerts and festivals in London, Rome, Berlin, Prague, Marseilles and Shanghai.

Her piece SHIFT for two trombones and ensemble was composed in 2016 and premiered in January the following year. One reviewer wrote that her music “seemingly exists in solid, liquid and seemingly gaseous states and on a myriad of planes in our spacetime continuum as we know it”.

About Gageego!

The ensemble was formed in 1995 and works to explore and make contemporary chamber music more accessible. As one of the most important actors in Music Sweden, the ensemble is appreciated for interpreting today’s music at the highest technical and artistic level in a fun-filled and curious way. In addition to concerts in Sweden, the ensemble has toured in Russia and Denmark and guest performed at Lange Nacht der Neue Klänge in Vienna’s concert hall.

Recorded for GSOplay May 2020


Rosenberger Shift



Rei Munakata conductor

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