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Avishai Cohen: Two Roses

Exclusively on GSOplay, we now present the all-evening concert Two Roses with the Gothenburg Symphony Orchestra and the world-renowned jazz bassist Avishai Cohen! The recording and the concert are unique. Out of 50 planned concerts worldwide, this was the only one that could be carried out, due to the pandemic. The title Two Roses symbolizes the meeting between symphonic music, jazz and folk music. Avishai Cohen brings his trio members pianist Elchin Shirinov and drummer Mark Guiliana with him in this concert.

The Concert Hall in Gothenburg was crowded that evening in January 2020. It was an unforgettable experience, with a very special presence and atmosphere in the meeting between the Gothenburg Symphony Orchestra and Avishai Cohen’s trio. We are pleased to now also be able to present the concert exclusively on GSOplay. Two Roses (which was also released as an album) is the result of a long process. With his trio and his collaboration with the Gothenburg Symphony Orchestra – under the direction of Alexander Hanson – Avishai shows his desire to create a music world free from fixed “genres”. The composed music is woven together with the improvised in a wonderful encounter.

Jazz double bassist, singer and composer Avishai Cohen was born in Israel. As a member of Chick Corea’s New Trio, he was in 1997 recognized as one of the biggest jazz bass players of his generation. Since then, Avishai has created his own limitless music, where the meeting between classical sounds, improvisation, swing and evocative moods is at the center. In the film, we also hear Avishai Cohen and his musicians talk about their work with the concert and the album Two Roses.


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Avishai Cohen Two Roses


Avishai Cohen Bassist, singer and composer

Mark Guiliana drums

Elchin Shirinov piano