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Interlude from The Song

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When the Royal Academy of Music in Stockholm was to celebrate its 150th anniversary in 1921, the academy contacted Wilhelm Stenhammar and commissioned a cantata, Sången (“the song”), a large work for choir, orchestra and soloists with somewhat lofty and pompous lyrics.

But the music is less pompous and with a sensitivity and richness of expression typical of Stenhammar’s artistry. This is especially noticeable in a small section filled with emotion and sincerity: the interlude, that has touched listeners for a 100 years. And the Gothenburg Symphony Orchestra has played it around 100 times over the years – one of the orchestra’s most popular encores.

Recorded for GSOplay 6 February 2014


Stenhammar Interlude from The Song


Gothenburg Symphony Orchestra

Neeme Järvi conductor

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