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The stage is filled with up to 100 children and youngsters from different parts of the world who together with the Gothenburg Symphony Orchestra present something never seen before…

“Sometimes, when I walk down the streets and see all the people, I wonder – where is everyone going?” We have listened to songs and stories from children and youngsters who live in our city. We mix the best we can offer with the best they can offer, and together we have created a performance that shows this.

Underway was made in collaboration with Bagaregårdsskolan, Center för Språkintroduktion Lindholmen, Folkhögskolan i Angered med The Music College, Kulturskolan Hisingen, Långmosseskolan and Polhemsgymnasiet.

This concert is in Swedish, but the music is universal.

Recorded for GSOplay in January 2020


Göteborgs Symfoniker

Katarina Andreasson conductor

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